Design by Heart: Chinese posters based on patterns of minority groups

The Chinese Online Pattern Museum, WenCang is a designer platform that focuses on sharing patterns in use by Chinese ethnicities.
Five years ago this platform was founded as a project to prevent these patterns from disappearing.The founders wanted to adopt the patterns and hand them over to the future.
The project involved the collection, restoration and/or re-creation of these traditional patterns. Part of this project was the exploration of more than 100 isolated rural villages in south-west and mid-west China. Patterns and data concerning dialect and writing were assembled.
A selection of these patterns has been stored in a digital database. Within weeks the site will be launched enabling people all over the world to get acquainted with these patterns.
Visitors to the designer platform WenCang are encouraged to seek for new ways to exploit these patterns.
In 2019 200 graphic designers were invited to join this project and to incorporate these patterns in their works.
On the Y2 exhibition “design by heart”, we present to Dutch viewers the charm of these patterns in a selection of 85 graphic works.
The vernissage of “design by heart” will be on Tuesday, June 18 from 16h30 till19h30 at Y2, Oosterhamrikkade 2Y, 9714 BA Groningen.


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